COPD, wounds, amputation, vascular disease, DM, CHF, MI, lupus, burns, renal failure, AAA, sepsis - and it’s only midterm

I have been contacted by Healthline, who just launched a campaign for called “You Are Not Your COPD” where COPD patients share their story or advice about living with the disease. You can see the homepage for the campaign here: http://www.healthline.com/health/copd/inspirational-stories

They have partnered with the COPD Foundation to promote the campaign and have pledged that for every submitted story, Healthline will donate $10 to the COPD Foundation.

The more stories they receive the more Healthline will donate to COPD research, support, and treatment programs. Please consider sending this link - http://www.healthline.com/health/copd/inspirational-stories -  and reposting this to spread the word about the campaign to support a great cause.

Thank you for your ongoing support!